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Quamove Team provides a full suite of custom mobile development services, along with a consultative approach, for a best possible result. Our services include design and development on a variety of platforms – iOS, Android, HTML5 and Windows Phone, as well as ancillary services, such as testing and project management.

Our proven capabilities in mobile development put us in a unique position to provide the best of end-to-end custom solutions. we provide customized iOS, Android, HTML5 and Windows Phone development services. With a wide array of expertise on a variety of platforms and devices, we are able to work with the optimal solution for your needs.

Also, new mobile technologies are researched, and new modules are written, and added to our repertoire of resources on a daily basis, to bring you the latest, most cost-effective solutions.

Why Us?

The Quamove team provides the best mobile app development service to ensure that our clients experience their sheer benefits of being mobile.

Our mobile app development services cater to all business owners with mobile needs. If you are looking for a mini, mobile version of your website, we can help you out. Our experts strive to stay ahead of the competition by leveraging their skills to develop cutting-edge applications.

 Our mobile app development services clearly reflect our strengths, which lie in originality, innovation and vision – which are all fundamental for success.

How we work?

It's easy, we do the simple things.

1. Conecept: You have an idea (eureka!)

2. Interaction: First we will sign a confidentiality agreement with you, where we made it clear that the idea is yours. Then you tell us your idea and work side by side together to get a sketch to establish development costs.

3. Design:If you like our proposal, we immediately begin to design tasks until obtaining a final app design.

4. Code: With the approved design, start coding tasks. Your application is taking shape in our factory!

5. Testing: This task is performed by our experts at first instance, and by designated staff of our client. Often, adjustments must be made at this stage.

6. Complete APP!: The application is ready! Enjoy it!.. (and please, tell to your friends about us...)

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