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Adventure Boy in Wonder Island

In 1986 SEGA commissioned the development of the game "Wonder Boy" to a company called Escape. Wonder Boy was an absolute success, and is considered one of the first classics of SEGA.

In these circumstances, Escape received multiple offers to bring the game to other systems. The problem was that “Wonder Boy” brand and major designs were owned by SEGA and could not use them without their consent.

That was easy solution: Change the hero, the stage and go!

At the end was Hudson Soft who launched his own version, which he called "Adventure Island" first to play NES and MSX Turbo Grafx later.

Our idea was then make a remake an a tribute too. That's the reason why the name does a merge between these two games.

The history tells about a young adventurer shipwrecked on an uninhabited island (though not deserted).

He must consume food to survive while searching for the way out of the island. To do this, he must reach the other end of the island where there is a boat which it could be used.

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